All words in the selected fields can be searched, except 'a' 'an' and 'the', which are removed from the search keys for the record, therefore you do not need to type these in.

All searches are for single words, with punctuation removed and ignored. E.g. If you search for the Hemingway book 'For whome the bell tolls' you could just enter 'bell tolls' in the title field for all the books with these two words in the title. In some cases you might get returned books with the title 'the bell tolls for thee' as these two words are also in this title.

Also a search for O'Sullivan is equivalent to a search for OSullivan or osullivan as case is not important.

Not all dealers catalogue their books using the same field names that we do.

This results in some cases with title and sub-title being in the title field, and with author and editor and sometimes illustrator being in the same author field.

Also they may not have a publisher field that is separate from the imprint data (description field), so searches on the publisher may not always return all the books that have the particular publisher.

Not all dealers use the same subjects to describe their books, for example one dealer may use WAR to describe a military book subject whereas another dealer may describe that book using MILITARIA.

If you want you can search from several fields at once. E.g. Hemingway from the author field and tolls from the title field will return all books with these words in the author and title field respectively.

Not all dealers use the same terms to indicate things like hard cover or first edition etc. so these searches whilst attempting to find all such marked books rely on the dealer to be consistent with their abbreviations and sometimes these will not be picked up. An alternative might be to sort in descending order of price for say first editions, and then scan the books returned.

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Note: for information about your order or enquiry you should contact the dealer stocking the book with the details given in the order confirmation.

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