Title Dealer Subject Date Published Items in Catalogue Price Range Link to Catalogue Message
Africana Catalogue Q256 Fables Bookshop Africana varia 8th September 2019 125 GBP10.00 to GBP850.00 https://tinyurl.com/y2zb6ss8 Includes a selection of Eastern Cape material, a boxed set of COMMEMORATIVE PRINTS from bird artist David Reid-Henry, and a large military section covering from the Boer War through to recent bush wars.
Catalogue 90 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books Australian and General Maritime History August 2019 488 $10- 2500 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Homoerotica Catalogue Q255 Fables Bookshop Male nudes 11th August 2019 91 GBP10.00 - GBP395.00 https://tinyurl.com/y5qv7mge A wide selection of styles within the genre.
Africana Catalogue Q253 Fables Bookshop Africana varia 10th July 2019 88 GBP5.00 - GBP120.00 https://tinyurl.com/y6r4e6gg A selection of Eastern Cape material and some locally published male nude books which qualify to go under the heading 'Fine Arts' highlight this general catalogue. Illustrated pdf version available on request as always.
Colt Studio Photo Sets Catalogue Q254 Fables Bookshop Collectable homeoerotic photographs of male models 1980s & 1990s 86 GBP60.00 - GBP75.00 https://tinyurl.com/y33gtfbc Available as an illustrated pdf on request. Email aesop@fables.co.za
CATALOGUE 89 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books GENERAL MARITIME APRIL 2019 499 5-750 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
CATALOGUE 87 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books GENERAL MARITIME AUGUST 2018 481 5-200 http://www.maritimebooks.com/au/cat.htm  
Africana Catalogue Q250 Fables Bookshop Africana var. 2nd August 2018 93 GBP5.00 - GBP195.00 http://tinyurl.com/y9pmtyys Varia with good sections on Military, Travel & Exploration, & Natural History. PDF catalogues available on request.
Africana Catalogue Q249 Fables Bookshop Rhodesiana 26 July 2018 97 GBP5.00 - GBP200.00 http://tinyurl.com/yav68ns9 Items across the range all relating to Southern Rhodesia - biography, early travel & exploration, hunting, missionary, natural history, &c. Of note is Cary's THE PIONEER CORPS. There are also copies of the Pioneer Head reprints.
Africana Catalogue Q248 Fables Bookshop Africana var. 22nd April 2018 64 around GBP5.00 http://tinyurl.com/y7lfu3h6 To reduce older and uncatalogued stock we offer a bargain catalogue with most items at GBP5.00 or less.
MARITIME CATALOGUE 86 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books GENERAL MARITIME APRIL 2018 484 5-1500 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Africana Catalogue Q247 Fables Bookshop Africana var. New acquisitions. 1st April 2018 99 GBP5.00 - GBP2000.00 http://tinyurl.com/ycdx5oev An eclectic mix. Does include a copy of the limited edition of Lindop's GERARD SEKOTO, of which only 50 copies were printed for private distribution by Harry Oppenheimer, very hard to find.
Africana Catalogue Q246 Fables Bookshop Africana var. New Acquisitions 8th January 2018 147 GBP10.00 - GBP850.00 http://tinyurl.com/yanplp4r Various. good selection of natural history (avifauna), Full sets of Oppenheimer Series, Rhodesiana Reprints (Gold & Silver Series).
Africana Catalogue Q245 Fables Bookshop Africana var. New acquisitions. 11th September 2017 88 GBP5.00 - GBP800 http://tinyurl.com/ycjvkqgj A larger than usual selection of fiction and literary titles, plus a full set of the 36 volumes of the Rhodesiana Reprint Library Gold Series.
Africana Catalogue Q244 Fables Bookshop Africana var. New acquisitions. 6th August 2017 73 GBP6.00 - GBP1500.00 http://tinyurl.com/y8985ywx Excellent selection of Eastern Cape items, biography, fiction, early hunting titles, current legal texts, and of course much more.
Africana Catalogue Q243 Fables Bookshop Africana var. New acquisitions. 11th December 2016 73 GBP6.00 - GBP200.00 http://tinyurl.com/zcmelfy A selection of Natural History Items and much else.
Africana Catalogue Q242 Fables Bookshop Africana var. New acquisitions. 12th September 2016 103 GBP5.00 - GBP220.00 https://tinyurl.com/hwdf5yo Includes a selection of items on the Eastern Cape, Botany, Anthropology, Hunting, and many other areas.
CATALOGUE NO.84 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books General Maritime July 2017 494 5-1200 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm A general selection from our large stock of over 20,000 items.
MARITIME CATALOGUE NO.83 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books General maritime March, 2017 505 5-1250 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Africana Catalogue Q241 Fables Bookshop Africana var. new acquisitions. 16th July 2016 92 GBP10.00 - GBP450.00 http://tinyurl.com/jbz4nxw Includes a rare copy of Shaw's MEMORIALS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA.
CATALOGUE NO. 82 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books GENERAL MARITIME JULY 2016 580 5-1000 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Africana Catalogue Q240 Fables Bookshop Africana var. new acquisitions mostly Military, Boer & Zulu wars 16th June 2016 87 GBP10.00 - GBP380.00 http://tinyurl.com/zhnrpf6 Many hard-to-find items including Coetzee FORTS OF THE EASTERN CAPE.
Africana Catalogue Q239 Fables Bookshop Africana. Military, Boer Wars, Zulu War 25th May 2016 94 GBP10.00 - GBP600.00 http://tinyurl.com/gtnnj5g Many hard-to-find items. Includes Bufton, TASMANIANS IN THE TRANSVAAL WAR and Green, THE STORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN BUSHMEN as well as other items of Australian interest.
FRANCONESIE NO.22 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books French-speaking islands of the Pacific, plus PNG, Australia, general South Pacific May 2016 635 5-4500 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
CATALOGUE 81 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books General Maritime MARCH 2016 600 5-5000 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Africana Catalogue Q238 Fables Bookshop Africana var. new acquisitions. 19th January 2016 87 GBP10.00 - GBP950.00 fhttp://tinyurl.com/hktcxjk Subscribe to our email catalogues.
Africana Catalogue Q232 Fables Bookshop African fiction and creative writings 15th April 2015 59 GBP5.00 - GBP35.00 http://tinyurl.com/kx46km6 All items illustrated