Title Dealer Subject Date Published Items in Catalogue Price Range Link to Catalogue Message
CATALOGUE 93 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books Australian and General Maritime History July 2020 525 5 to 2800 https://maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Booklist July 20 Saraband Everything you can think of (almost) 5/7/20 1044 $4 - $600 https://www.saraband.com.au/Booklist July 20.pdf Family collection of books for sale
Catalogue 141 Louella Kerr Fine Old & Rare Books 50% off the listed price until Easter Match 2020 500 10 - 1000 http://www.louellakerrbooks.com.au  
CATALOGUE 92 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books AUSTRALIAN AND GENERAL MARITIME MARCH 2020 500 5-1000 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Africana Catalogue Q256 Fables Bookshop Africana varia 8th September 2019 125 GBP10.00 to GBP850.00 https://tinyurl.com/y2zb6ss8 Includes a selection of Eastern Cape material, a boxed set of COMMEMORATIVE PRINTS from bird artist David Reid-Henry, and a large military section covering from the Boer War through to recent bush wars.
Catalogue 90 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books Australian and General Maritime History August 2019 488 $10- 2500 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
Homoerotica Catalogue Q255 Fables Bookshop Male nudes 11th August 2019 91 GBP10.00 - GBP395.00 https://tinyurl.com/y5qv7mge A wide selection of styles within the genre.
Africana Catalogue Q253 Fables Bookshop Africana varia 10th July 2019 88 GBP5.00 - GBP120.00 https://tinyurl.com/y6r4e6gg A selection of Eastern Cape material and some locally published male nude books which qualify to go under the heading 'Fine Arts' highlight this general catalogue. Illustrated pdf version available on request as always.
Colt Studio Photo Sets Catalogue Q254 Fables Bookshop Collectable homeoerotic photographs of male models 1980s & 1990s 86 GBP60.00 - GBP75.00 https://tinyurl.com/y33gtfbc Available as an illustrated pdf on request. Email aesop@fables.co.za
CATALOGUE 89 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books GENERAL MARITIME APRIL 2019 499 5-750 http://www.maritimebooks.com.au/cat.htm  
CATALOGUE 87 Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books GENERAL MARITIME AUGUST 2018 481 5-200 http://www.maritimebooks.com/au/cat.htm